chris gallant presents

spoken word poetry performance


Looking for someone to motivate or inspire? I’ve got pieces that’ll get your audience ready to take on a lion.

**(please do not arrange for a lion to be in attendance for them to “take on,” the phrase was purely metaphorical because poetry)

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Maybe your event calls for a more casual occasion? I’ve got pieces that infuse poetry with stand-up comedy, so while I mix those up, feel free to kick back, relax, and mix your drink.

**(please drink responsibly)

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Thought Provoking

I’ve got opinions. You’ve got opinions. We’ve all got opinions. Sometimes when I feel strongly enough, I like to share mine. So I’ve got pieces that tackle social media usage, gender roles, mental health, what’s wrong with the world (and also what’s right) & others. Reach out, cause maybe I’ve got one that fits the topic you’re trying to hit.

**(I have nothing more to say this time)

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Lovey Dovey

Approximately 107% of the songs we hear on the radio are about love & relationships. Sorry, that doesn’t make sense, I got that wrong. 207% of the songs on the radio are about love & relationships. & I know. Ew. Gross. Cooties. But we love to love love. And I’m no different. I’ve got lots of pieces on relationships so if you’re looking for that type of vibe, I got you.

**(100% real research on those %s up there ☝️… obvs)

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