26 Years old

Spoken Word Poetry

DOGS (The Best 'BFFs')

“They’re the kind of best friend who’s down for a walk, or down for a talk, or when you’re feeling down, their up for a treat, like yeah grab that bucket of ice cream.”

We’ve all heard “dogs are man’s best friend”, but why? Take a listen!

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I Don't Know if It's Love But...

“I don’t know if it’s love but… If I could I’d rearrange the alphabet so PB&J were together because I know “U & I” would be too grilled cheesy for you.”

A love poem meets stand up comedy… at a bus stop.

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I Hope You Lose

I hope your lemonade doesn’t stand out, and picture day doesn’t pan out. I hope you fall so many times on your friends trampoline you wish you had just bounced.”

What’s happy if we’ve never frowned?⁣⁣ Performed live at Alteregos Cafe on Gottingen Street.⁣⁣​

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26 Years Old

“12: Just because someone says“I love you” in their MSN name, followed by “forever and always”, doesn’t mean you’ll actually talk in the hallways.”

A spoken word piece where I share the 26 most important lessons I learned each year on this planet. Well… what I THOUGHT was the most important lesson at the time (some didn’t age well).

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To My Future Daughter

“I want you to wake up every morning & shake hands with the greatness inside you.”

Grounded in empowerment & burning down gender stereotypes, this spoken word piece is a poem of things I’d want my daughter to know.

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Why Did We Stop Using Carrier Pigeons?

“If we spent as much time checking in with ourselves as we do our notifications…”

A spoken word poem where you’ll watch social media about watching how much social media we watch. Basically, it’s about keeping our social media usage in check.

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10 Tips on Creating Your Own Happiness

“We love the things we invest ourselves in. So how much are you worth?”

This one’s been heard live close to 200 times by over 10,000 students in 106 different schools across the province of Nova Scotia.

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To the Deniers

“We pump fossil fuels like it’s NBD. Grow money & spend trees to buy medicine that helps us breathe. Hope you caught the irony.”

Mother Nature has gifted us with air, water, & DOGS. Everything we need to live long, healthy lives. But now it’s her who needs something from us… our empathy & action. Let’s believe her when she says she needs help.

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To My Future Son

We tell boys, “don’t cry…” but why?

This spoken word poetry piece, like “To My Future Daughter” reads as a checklist of things I’d want my son to know.

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