"Engaging"  "Interactive" "Entertaining"    "Hilarious"   "Energizing"      "Poetic"    "Powerful"  "Informative"

"If Chris isn't at the top of your list for future speaking engagements, you need to re-write that list."

...my biggest public speaking advice?

“Your audience, they want to like you, they want you to succeed. They want to hear something memorable, interesting, thought-provoking, engaging… so when you’re nervous, when you’re unsure about stepping on to that stage, remember they’re rooting for you too.”

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how to get over your fear of public speaking in only 3 stages

We, according to some polls, would rather be blindsided by a spider than a microphone.

So let’s dig into how we can fix that ASAP, because tbh spiders have worked too hard to be terrifying to lose to stage fright.

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Chris on stage performing his hit spoken word piece "Find Your Coast" in Edmonton, Alberta.

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