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Under the Big Oak Tree

This collection embraces the unexpected, the joyful, the messy, and the fleeting moments in life. The poems tiptoe (and sometimes stumble) into the often-painful beauty in personal growth, touching on themes of dating, family, mental health, heartache, hope, and love. With a new, yet familiar voice, Under the Big Oak Tree employs a free-verse style complemented with a spoken-word flair, ensuring a captivating reading experience from cover to cover.

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Under the Big Oak Tree

Unlock the full experience of Under the Big Oak Tree with the captivating audiobook edition. With Chris Gallant himself, a spoken word poet at his core, as the narrator, you’ll dig into the emotional roots and intricate nuances within the book, capturing the essence of each line, each rhyme, and each metaphor, in their truest form.

Under the Big Oak Tree

Book Reviews

Praise for "Under the Big Oak Tree"

"Gallant brings his signature rhythm and unique voice, making this debut a standout in contemporary poetry. "Under the Big Oak Tree" is not just a collection of poems; it's a captivating and relatable experience that lingers in the reader's mind long after the last page."
Katie Feltmate
Poet & Author (Love in the Age of Quarantine), Nova Scotia
"An uncommon outlook on love from a man’s perspective & incredibly visceral. A great poet can tell a personal story and make you feel as though you’ve lived through the same experience. Gallant does that and calls on nostalgia, romance, and the metaphorical symbols of nature to make you feel every word."
Kanaar Bell
Poet, Ireland
"Gallant's work is nostalgic and romantic, hopeful and heart-wrenching at times. It takes you on the natural journey of life's highs and lows, and even in the lows — has you appreciating what it means to be alive."
Margaret Schwartz
Poet, Nova Scotia
"Reading Gallant's poems felt like teleporting into the page and his mind. He brings you into the moment with him. When it's happy you're with him celebrating. When it’s sad, you want to hold him until it’s okay again. Hoping this is only the first of many more books to come."
Sarah Greene
Poet, Newfoundland & Labrador
"I read so many poetry books growing up as a heartbroken little teenager, which put into words feelings I didn’t even know I had, helping to navigate, heal and hope. 'Under the Big Oak Tree' felt like that. It's a gentle reminder of the love around and within us. A necessary reading in a world with its walls up."
Nadia Neil
Poet, Nova Scotia

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